EP27 【寓言故事】狐狸和白鶴的聚餐 【Aesop's Fable】The fox and the stork


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🍭我們想要別人如何對待我們,我們就要如何對待別人- 一天愛捉弄別人的狐狸邀請白鶴來家裡吃晚餐.....

🍭A story about “treating others how we want to be treated.” -One day, the fox thought of a naughty plan to entertain himself at the expense of the stork. He invited the stork to his house for dinner…. (story based on Aesop’s Fable)

🍄故事改編、配音、製作: 貝貝媽咪

🍄script writer, voice actor, producer: BeiBei Mommy

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