330: 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make with Project Broadcast


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On today’s episode I’m joined by the founder of Project Broadcast, Jake Dempsey.

Jake shares the 3 biggest mistakes that he sees people are making with Project Broadcast.

So whether you're using Project Broadcast or some other type of text automation tool, this episode is going to be valuable to you.

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Episode Quotes

"The business comes from the relationships that you have."

"Transactional sales doesn't create emotional attachment to products."

"The secret to scaling a business is not acquisition, it is retention."

Listen to Learn

03:07 - How Project Broadcast was created

06:13 - Pricing and subscription plans

09:14 - Getting started with Project Broadcast

17:27 - Mistake #1

27:20 - Mistake #2

37:14 - Mistake #3

45:14 - New features and enhancements

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