179: If an Event Creates a Story, How Do You Want it to Be Told?


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Nicole Santer has been in the event industry since she was a child. She remembers helping her family fold napkins and set tables for huge banquets and gatherings.

It wasn't until after she enjoyed a career in completely different fields for many years that she came back to events, and when she did, it felt exactly right to her.

She knows all the things that can go wrong, and she knows exactly what can make an event absolutely magical. Nicole's combination of strategic and creative thinking are what make her extraordinary at what she does.

During our conversation, Nicole shared her vision for her event company, Event Buzz 360. As an event planner myself, I am intrigued and excited about the potential. The idea is to create an interactive directory of services for event planners - across the globe. It's brilliant, though the timing was tricky. She launched in early 2020, just weeks before the global shutdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

You are going to love this high energy conversation!


From her LinkedIn profile:

Nicole Santer, descendant in a strong line of Event Organisers, still talks of the 'buzz’ she felt when table setting with the wait staff at the tender age of 5. Now, a captivating speaker, and ardent events industry expert, Nicole’s latest entrepreneurial venture brings to the industry the Ultimate Online Search Engine for Events. It is from Nicole’s 20 years of industry expertise and knowledge gained while running her signature company Extraordinary Events Pty Ltd that we find the seed for EventBuzz360. There is no denying that EventManagement is in Nicole Santer’s blood. Aspiring to empower the next generation of Event Managers, Nicole’s establishment of the Extraordinary Events ‘7 Steps to Event Management Mastery' 7StEMM Program’ is a first-of-its-kind. Nicole’s commitment to enabling the industry to provide memorable world-class events, coupled with her foundation values of honesty, integrity, and reliability, are ensuring the continual growth of the events industry. Event Management has never looked so exciting.

After hearing Nicole's stories, you'll want to follow her on LinkedIn, and connect with her there.

To learn more about Nicole and her brilliant idea, visit the EventBuzz360 website, and follow them on Instagram.



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