175: Is Your Team Missing Something? To Find Out, You Must Know What You Have vs. What You're Missing


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As a Communication & Inclusion Trainer, Alissa guides people in addressing awkward situations, helping them quickly adjust to things out of their control.

In a recent training, when she had to demonstrate that kind of adaptability because of technical glitches, she realized what a gift it ended up becoming for her and for the participants.

By having to shift gears quickly and abandon her slides - her plan - she connected more deeply with the audience. They couldn't help but see how she navigated the technical challenge, move through it and adapt, and end up with an even better product in the end.

When she acknowledged the challenge, Alissa demonstrated a level of vulnerability that had a positive impact on her audience, likely far bigger than if everything had gone as planned.

During our conversation, we talked about the situation as an opportunity, a gift, even though in the moment we rarely can see it in that light. But our reality is that lots of lessons happen that way.

We also covered a lot of ground about Strengths, where we've seen our own strengths as talents vs. obstacles, and how we've guided our clients toward valuable self-reflection about where their strengths might also be getting in their way.


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"Uncovering the right stories for the right audiences so executives, leaders, public speakers, and job seekers can clearly and actively demonstrate their character, values, and vision."

In my work with coaching clients, I guide people to improve their communication using storytelling as the foundation of our work together. What I’ve realized over years of coaching and podcasting is that the majority of people don’t realize the impact of the stories they share - on their internal messages, and on the people they’re sharing them with.

My work with leaders and people who aspire to be leaders follows a similar path to the interviews on my podcast, uncovering pivotal moments in their lives and learning how to share them to connect more authentically with others, to make their presentations and speaking more engaging, to reveal patterns that have kept them stuck or moved them forward, and to improve their relationships at work and at home.The audiobook, Your Stories Don’t Define You, How You Tell Them Will is now available!

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