Building A Personal Brand & Getting Unstuck in Your Biz w/Stef Pinsley


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Having quit a high paying job at Google to become a personal branding coach, Stef Pinsley joins us on this episode of Your Sparkly Brand to share her journey to not only building a unique personal brand for herself but also helping business owners and other individuals figure out and fix what’s making them stuck on their personal branding journey.

Stefanie is a Cornell alum and xGoogler turned coach and speaker committed to helping natural-born leaders get unstuck from unfulfilling careers or futile job searches. She helps you to build confidence, create clarity and attract aligned opportunities through an unexpected but powerful approach - developing your personal brand.


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Key points in this episode…

  • Meet Stef Pinsley!
  • Meg’s sparkly moment of the week.
  • Lauren’s sparkly moment.
  • Stef’s sparkly moment.
  • Stef’s journey to becoming a personal branding coach.
  • Why Stef pivoted from coaching people on building a personal brand to coaching people on getting unstuck with personal branding.
  • Lessons Stef learned from her job experience at Google.
  • What it means to get stuck.
  • Tips for becoming unstuck.
  • Personal branding is helpful in any niche for anyone.
  • How you can monetize a personal brand.
  • The connection between personal branding and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • Stef’s advice to people who are ridiculously burnt out at their dream job but still feel the need to keep pushing and enduring.
  • Stef’s most valuable piece of advice to her younger self.
  • Stef’s upcoming project.
  • Where to find Stef and Project Unstuck online…

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