#87 quit your self doubt


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Happy Wellness Wednesday, Today’s breath is Diaphragmatic Breathing which strengthens diaphragm making it less energy to breathe. Place one hand on your stomach just below rib cage and the other hand on your upper chest. Inhale through your nose deeply, inflating your stomach. Focus on keeping the hand on your chest still as you inhale. Exhale through pursed lips, tightening your stomach muscles and drawing inward. Repeat this cycle for five to ten minutes.

Today’s nudge is: quit your self doubt

You are in charge of your thoughts. No one can make you think the way you think. You can allow yourself to think how others tell you to think, but you own that. You become what you think you are. If you think you are a poor math student, then you don’t pay attention in class, you don’t try with the classwork and you give up on the tests. Your self-doubt sabatogges your thoughts and abilities. But if you tell yourself that perhaps, if you try harder you will get it and understand the concept this will allow you to do well on the classwork giving you confidence on the tests. This works in all aspects of your life. If you have self-doubt about your work ability, you won’t move up in your job. If you tell yourself that you aren’t worthy of love, then you won’t put yourself out there to be loved. But if you turn your thoughts to positives, your actions and outcomes will also turn positive!

Let’s repeat this three times:

quit your self doubt

quit your self doubt

quit your self doubt

Have a great Wellness Wednesday!

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