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Happy Sensational Sunday,

Today’s breath is: Awareness of breath

Which: calms and centers you

Here’s how to do it: simply think about nothing but your breath. Feel your breath, hear your breath, visualize your breath coming in and going out. Each time your mind wanders, just gently remind it to come back to your breath. You can even say, “inhale” on the inhale and “exhale” on the exhale.

Let’s do this breath three times: inhale, exhale.

Again: inhale, exhale.

Last one: inhale, exhale.

Continue to do this breath while I give you your morning nudge

Today’s nudge is: Today's a fresh start
It’s a new week. Did you have a rough week last week? That’s ok, let’s move forward and make this a great week. Every day is a fresh start to start over in a relationship, with your job, in your school work, and/or with your work outs and healthy habits. Whatever it is, you have been given a gift: Today. Today is a new day. You don’t have to repeat those mistakes you have been making. You can start fresh and make it a new beginning and a better week than last week!! Today’s a fresh start!

Let’s repeat this three times:

Today's a fresh start

Today's a fresh start

Today's a fresh start

Have a great Sensational Sunday!

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