One Country, Two Cultures: Political Tribalism?


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The deep divisions between us have people asking are we still one nation? If so, how long? Questions that were on the fringe of political debate have become mainstream. With such issues looming as the right to choose vs. the right to life, the second amendment vs. gun control, closed borders – and who gets to patrol them – vs. sanctuary cities, the peaceful transition of power vs. the January 6th insurrection, evangelism vs. secularism or even free markets vs. democratic socialism, are the divisions between us so deep that red states and blue states are heading for a break up? Most important of all, what should we do about it?Tonight, YLR Hosts Jeff Hayden and Dean Johnson are joined by David French, the author of Divided We Fall: The Secession Threat And How To Restore Our Nation.Questions for Jeff, Dean and their guests? Please call (866) 798-8255.

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