Your Identity Does Not Equal Your Thoughts - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy with David Perkins, Psychotherapist and Human


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Do you sometimes avoid your own emotions? Have you ever said "I shouldn't feel this way about this" or "why am I having this thought"? Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) may be really helpful for you. It teaches us to perceive our thoughts/emotions as harmless, transient psychological events rather than pieces of our identity. Unlike most Western psychology, ACT uses mindfulness techniques to develop acceptance of these experiences which are out of personal control and create commitment and action towards living a valued life. Together we discuss how to turn off the struggle switch, accept ourselves, and be here now.
Our guest today is David Perkins, my friend who happens to be a psychotherapist with decades of experience treating adults and teenagers with mood disorders, as well as those looking to explore issues related to core values, spiritual, sexual, or existential challenges. If you want information on ACT you can reach out to him at or visit his website

Victoria is a certified life coach that specializes in helping people break through their limiting beliefs, develop an abundance mindset, and hone in on their authentic personal power so they can really thrive and have the life they desire. She is a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching with a B.S. Applied Psychology and an extensive background in Positive Psychology and Energy Leadership. She has spoken at many events, developed workshops, taught classes, and facilitated healing groups. You can reach out to her at or visit her website

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