A Story of Miscarriage, Identity, and Renewal with Megan Lynn Levy


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Sometimes, our lives turn out completely different than we envisioned and we wonder - what now? How can we possibly be strong, and what does strength even mean? And how do you define + redefine your identity as a multidimensional person? Megan Lynn Levy tenderly shares her experience of this, wonderful life lessons, and how she used her empathy to start her business, book, and motherhood.

Megan Lynn Levy is a NJ-based new (ish) Mom, a Business-Owner, and a Marketing Consultant. She gave birth to her son in June, 2020. Shortly after her Pandemic Pregnancy she launched her business, Unmasked Motherhood. It’s a “show and tell” space for Pandemic Parents. She is grateful for Community leaders, like Michelle of JC Bump and Baby, who helped her during her pandemic Motherhood journey. In early 2021 she listened to a calling inside her that led her to develop something for adults. She created a place for parents seeking real, inspirational, and educational content. And in November, 2021, she is releasing her first product, a supportive children's Picture Book. Find her here via her website: UnmaskedMotherhood.com ; Instagram @UnmaskedMotherhood ; or email - Megan@UnmaskedMotherhood.com

Victoria is a certified life coach, meditation leader, crisis counselor, and keynote speaker that specializes in helping people break through their limiting beliefs and create a fulfilling, powerful life. She is a graduate of the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching with a B.S. Applied Psychology and an extensive background in Positive Psychology and Energy Leadership. She has spoken at many events, developed workshops, taught classes, and facilitated healing groups. You can reach out to her at VictoriaSpadaccini@gmail.com or visit her website www.VictoriaSpadaccini.com

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