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In this episode you will hear: (09:20) Mark and Dave discuss an article by Jay Matthews, Columnist for the Washington Post that appeared on July 31, 2022 entitled: “High School extracurriculars are nice. College extracurriculars are huge. Dave and Mark talk about why college extracurriculars are so valuable to the student who participates. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2022/07/31/college-extracurriculars-impact-life/ (31:00) For our question from a listener, Lisa and Mark answer a question from Ellen of Massachusetts. Ellen wants to know, should a student submit a perfectly good 32 even if it is below the 25% range, knowing pre-pandemic, in this example, that this was in the 50% range. I would think a good test score would help the student show their academic prowess normally, but with our current naturally inflated test scores, it could hurt them. That is what many families are struggling with (58:30) Our interview is with Jon Boeckenstedt, the Vice Provost of Oregon State University . In this two-part interview Jon will answer questions about whether certain practices are ethical or unethical in college admissions Preview of Part 1 Jon shares his very interesting backstory Jon tells us what Draw rate is and why it is so important Jon explains what he means by, ‘we all serve two masters” Jon rates a number of admission business practice from 0-100 on whether they cross a line of impropriety Jon rates, “targeting students in your recruitment that are outside the profile of who you normally admit” Jon explains what he means by “grist for the rejection mill” and the “admissions industrial complex” Jon rates using demonstrated interest and gives it a score, but he has some caveats There is no college Spotlight this week. (01:09:55) The recommended resource is Paul Tough’s book, “Whatever it Takes”: Geoffrey Canada’s quest to change Harlem and America . Please send in your questions either on Twitter at @YCBKpodcast using the Messages tab (this is our preference) or via email at for the 28 admissions interviews we are doing in the summer and fall. Our interviews are with the following people at the following schools: Confirmed interviews you can still send in questions for our guests: Bard-Mackie Siebens Mercer-Kelly Holloway Rice University-Tamara Siler American University-Andrea Felder Pitzer College-Yvonne Berumen Chapman University-Marcela Meija-Martinez Connecticut College-Andy Strickler* Trinity College-Anthony Berry* College of the Atlantic-Heather Albert* Spelman College-Chelsea Holley* Scripps College-Victoria Romero* Saint Louis University-Daniel Wood-(Interview is about transfer admissions, Daniel is a transfer counselor) Colby College-Randi Arsenault* University of Georgia-David Graves* Washington University St Louis-Ronne Turner To sign up to receive Your College-Bound Kid PLUS, our free quarterly admissions deep-dive, delivered directly to your email , just go to yourcollegeboundkid.com, and you will see the sign up on the right side of the page under “the Listen to our podcast icons” We are revamping YCBK PLUS and we will have shorter more frequent blog articles that will launch later this fall. 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