Preventing & Processing Birth Trauma #046


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You have probably heard the statistics about birth trauma...where 1 in 3 birthing people have identified their births as traumatic. And of course, the events that have unfolded through 2020 and 2021 have only exacerbated the cracks in our birthcare system and contributed to higher rates of trauma and PTSD.

It is because of this, that we have a duty to educate ourselves more about trauma so that we understand what it is (and isn't) and the practices we can put into place to provide trauma-informed care. We acknowledge this is heavy and hard work. But as Krysta Dancy of Birth & Trauma Support Center shares in this episode "there's so much to be optimistic about, because every year as we learn more about trauma, we learn how to treat it better."
Join us as we uncover:
~holding space for birth trauma
~identifying birth trauma and differentiating with PTSD
~the impact of the pandemic on experience of birthing people & birth pros
~what aspects of care can be controlled to limit birth trauma
~resetting our empathy & countering fight or flight as birth pros
~how to prepare clients for the realities of birthcare without traumatizing
~why we can be hopeful about treatment for those experiencing birth trauma
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