Managing PCOS: Fertility, Nutrition, & Beyond #047


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PCOS is a metabolic, endocrine, and reproductive disorder that impacts an estimated 5million people of reproductive age. Individualized care is needed for those experiencing PCOS to address concerns that range from infertility, low energy, and disordered eating to increased risks of type 2 diabetes, sleep apnea endometrial cancer, fatty liver disease, anxiety, and depression.

Sam Abbott shares her experience as a registered dietitian nutritionist and creator of the PCOS Food Freedom Program as we learn to navigate this journey with clients and patients.
For a condition that affects so many people of reproductive age, we see that it is underfunded and under-researched, which leads to a significant amount of conflicting information about it. Sam shares her insights into how we can best support our clients as they navigate their PCOS journey.

Join us in conversation as we explore:
~what PCOS is and is NOT
~associated health risks related to pregnancy and beyond
~supporting a variety of lived experiences with PCOS
~combatting misinformation in PCOS management
~political involvement in research challenges surrounding PCOS
~addressing PCOS nutrition while avoiding a weight-centric approach
~how to support fertility desires with focus on decreasing insulin resistance & inflammation
~setting reasonable expectation for postpartum recovery and lifelong PCOS journey

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