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How many times have you been told to improve on your weaknesses? Annual reviews, feedback, and constructive criticism tell us that our weaknesses are what require our attention, but Marcus Buckingham, the world’s most prominent researcher on strengths and leadership at work, disagrees. Marcus believes that strengths are your areas of development. Companies that focus on cultivating employees' strengths rather than improving their weaknesses can dramatically increase efficiency and promote maximum personal growth and success. In this episode, Hala and Marcus talk about the difference between strengths and weaknesses, facts about the 360 degree feedback technique, how teams can work on their strengths, identifying leaders, and finding the red threads in work and life.

Topics Include:

- Difference between strengths and weaknesses

- How to measure and evaluate strengths and weaknesses

- How to build up your strengths

- Are weaknesses related to strengths

- Understanding feedback and reactions

- Facts about the 360 Feedback technique

- The uniqueness of each person

- How a team can work on their strengths

- Best qualities of managers

- How to identify leaders

- COVID engagement research

- The future of work

- Marcus’s secret to profiting in life

- And other topics…

Marcus Buckingham is known as the world’s most prominent researcher on strengths and leadership at work. He is the founder of the coaching and education firm, The Marcus Buckingham Company, and he leads research at the ADP Research Institute. Marcus spent two decades studying excellence at the Gallup Organization and co-creating the StrengthsFinder tool.

Marcus is the author of two of the best-selling business books of all time, First, Break All the Rules and Now, Discover Your Strengths. He has authored nine total books, including his latest release: Love and Work: How to Find What You Love, Love What You Do, and Do It for the Rest of Your Life.

He has been profiled in The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Forbes, Fortune, Fast Company, The Today Show, and The Oprah Winfrey Show.

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