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Bossa nova babies, we’re back. This week we are joined by the incomparable Michael Hyatt. You Might Know Her From Snowfall, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, True Detective, The Little Things, Ray Donovan, Nightcrawler, The West Wing, and The Wire. Michael (in her most elegant-sounding voice) talked to us about playing Cissy Saint on the late great John Singleton's sleeper hit Snowfall, the difficulties of approaching True Detective without a script, being part of television history with The Wire, brushing off her musical theatre chops as Dr. Akopian and her sweater dresses, and why she doesn’t need to be Method with her approach to the work. All this and Mary Hart. Mary HART. MARY HART. I love you John.

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Anonymous potato

Rosie O’Donnell Show jacket from Damian

Ear scope

Has played Cissy Saint for four seasons on the FX series, Snowfall created by John Singleton

Dr Pimple Popper (Sandra Lee), former guest of the show Sondra Lee (YMKHF ep #38 )

Former First Lady of New York, Sandra Lee

Sandra Lee and Andrew Cuomo split (she defended his nipples)

Played Brianna Barksdale (Avon’s sister, D’Angelo’s mom) on The Wire

Ray Donovan (clip opp Jon Voight), True Detective S2 (opp Colin Farrell), Nightcrawler (opp Jake Gylllenhaal)

Rosemary Rodriguez’s Acts of Worship

Tina Mabry’s Mississippi Damned

Played Dr. Akopian on Crazy Ex Girlfriend (“Dream Ghost” with Amber Riley & Ricki Lake, “Anti-Depressants Are So Not A Big Deal” “Maybe This Time” parody)

Theatre: Eclipsed, the OG Ragtime on Broadway, Shakespeare in the Park

Pushing Tin

Coroner The Little Things with Denzel Washington

Played Angela on West Wing S6 and appeared on Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Loves Mary Hart and Entertainment Tonight. John Tesh will not be saved

Pat O’Brien was fired from Access Hollywood for sexually creepy voicemails to co-worker

Former Road Ruler Kit Hoover on Access Hollywood morning edition

Teaser for next week’s guest:

Michael Hyatt was in Pushing Tin (which she never watched) with previous YMKHF guest Vicki Lewis (Ep #8)

Who was a voice in Finding Dory with Diane Keaton

Who won Oscar for Annie Hall with Colleen Dewhurst

Who was in Anne of Green Gables with next week’s guest

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