152. Healing the Body to Heal Your Sex Life - Stress and Libido


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Low libido is a gift telling you what needs to change in your life - Dr. Wellenstein

Dr. Wellenstein is a double board-certified doctor who has been working with women for over 20 years and due to her own personal health challenges, she stepped outside the box of conventional medicine to take a radically different approach to heal herself from the deep depths of burnout. Now Dr. Renee empowers women to take control of their health, jumpstart their energy, improve their confidence and reignite their libido!

We discuss burnout and recovery.

Is it too much hard work to exercise, eat right and work on mindset?

How to you get to the point where you realize you are in charge of your life?

How we “should” on ourselves as women and how it affects our health.

Work burden inequality at home and how it affects your stress and health.

Trusting the process when you are in it.

Encouraging women to ask for what they want in and out of the bedroom.

If you are angry and resentful towards your partner you will not have a desire to have sex.

How you view yourself as a sexual being affects your sex life.

Tips for women:




The role of self-love in health.

You have to have something worth desiring in order to desire it.

Low libido is a gift telling you what needs to change in your life.

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Books Discussed: Atomic Habits by James Clear https://amzn.to/3EiWd9S

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