46. Give God not Good Advice


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This is the podcast for women to come together, not to compare or compete but to celebrate each other and strengthen one-another in the Lord and in His Word.

We all have different roles but all of these roles do not define us, they are our assignments. So, we link arms and build a community of women who follow Christ, live as women of God and work as ambassadors for Jesus.

Sisters, we are on the same team, a team owned, selected, and coached by God Himself. Through the Bible, God gives us His clear guidance on how we can build up our fellow teammates.

In this episode, let’s talk about friendships because women and friendships are quite synonymous. Now, we don’t want to do a lousy job of slapping Bible verses to our friends who are suffering when the greatest thing we can do for our friend is to sit in it with them. Find out what kind of friend we want to become. Listen in.

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Your Next Action Step: Schedule a hand with a friend this week. Friends you've not been in touch with for quite a while. Coffee + Convo. Just catch up with each other. That's it.

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