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Steve Bann started Golf as a 12 year old caddy at Riversdale GC in Melbourne. He completed his traineeship at Huntingdale GC after walking away from the game for three years
A 16 year old Robert Allenby challenged Steve to a match in a Thursday comp, but soon realised that his "Club Pro" coach was pretty good when Robert shot 64 but that still was not good enough, as Steve shot 63
Steve led the Australian Masters by two shots with three holes to go in 1988 but lost to Ian Baker Finch
He was the founding coach of the VIS Golf Program which produced a number of world class players
Steve spent 25 years travelling to the PGA Tour up to 10 times a year to spend time with a number of his players
If not the most influential Golf coach in the history of Australia Golf, he is certainly up the top
Steve shares the following stories with us during this fascinating interview:
- Nearly becoming a rock and roll hale of famer (joke)
- Watching Sam Snead and Lee Trevino playing when he was young
- Meeting Greg Norman for the first time
- Being 10 under par for 14 holes in the last round of the Aussie Masters
- Coaching a young Stuart Appleby and Robert Allenby
- The day Renee Appleby was tragically killed
- Going to Tiger Woods house
- Witnessing Tiger's 59 with two three putts
- His 19 trips to the US Masters at Augusta
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