Noel Ratcliffe - Interview


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Noel Ratcliffe was born in Sydney in 1945
His father played cricket for Australia and was friends with Sir Don Bradman
Noel started playing Golf by sneaking on Bexley Golf Course late on a Saturday afternoon. He then joined New South Wales Golf Club where his first handicap was four
After a strong amateur career, He decided to turn pro at the age of 29
Heading straight to Europe he secured his tour card where he played for over 35 years
Noel holds a number of records on the European regular and seniors tours including being the second person to ever earn 1 million euros on tour
Winner of 16 professional tournaments worldwide, he has played with and beaten most of the best players in the world
I hope you enjoy these great stories from Noel from the 70's, 80's and 90's

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