Psychedelic Light Therapy & 5-MeO-DMT w/ Luke Storey // XA030


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In this episode Matt is joined by Luke Storey. Luke is a writer, meditation and metaphysics teacher and lifestyle design expert who shares transformative principles of health, addiction recovery, and spirituality. He is also host of the top rated show, The Life Stylist Podcast. During the conversation the two discuss how they met at the Modern Nirvana Conference in Austin and the Psychedelic Light Therapy tool being developed by SoundSelf, as well as the Ajna Light and the Lucia Light. The discussion then evolves into a psychedelic deep dive as Luke recounts his powerful experiences with Bufo (5-MeO-DMT).

Some highlights include:

-Therapeutic vs Recreational Drug Use

-Ego Death & Challenging Psychedelic Experiences

-Luke's Story with Psychedelic Healing

-Gilded, Luke's New Blue Blocking Sunglasses

-EMF Sensitivity

-Protecting Your House from Excessive EMF

-Leela Quantum Tech's Healing Jewelry & Devices

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