Enlightenment & The Mana Personality w/ Michael Phillip // XA038


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In this episode Matt is joined by writer and host of the Third Eye Drops podcast, Michael Phillip. Michael has released and appeared on hundreds of podcast episodes, melding minds with a wide range of multidisciplinary experts including scientists, artists, philosophers, spiritual teachers, bestselling authors, and viral personalities. During the conversation the two attempt to language the un-languagable realms of mind known as enlightenment, heaven, or pure consciousness. They also dive into Carl Jung's model of The Mana Personality - a personified archetypal image of a supernatural force. They then finish the discussion by sharing advice on finding creative flow amidst the whirlwind of existential dilemmas we face in today's world.

Some highlights include:

-The Challenges of the Path to Enlightenment

-Duality and Nondualism

-Delusions of Grandeur

-Creating Constructive Habits

Find Michael: https://thirdeyedrops.com/

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