Growing Up In a Dysfunctional Family: Dysfunctional Childhood Survival & Recovery


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Archive Episode: Growing up in a dysfunctional family or experiencing a dysfunctional childhood can have a lasting emotional impact on your adult life - we explain how and share practical steps for recovery.

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Episode highlights

In this episode your hosts, husband and wife team, David James Lees (ordained Taoist monk, emotional and spiritual health teacher and therapist) and Alexandra Lees (wellbeing coach and feng shui consultant) discuss:

  • How a dysfunctional family life or emotionally unstable parents impact us as children.
  • The warning signs that childhood ‘emotional survival strategies’ are still running your life.
  • How and why you may still be copying OR rebelling against your parents – even when you know it is wrong!
  • Why do you keep reliving painful or traumatic childhood experiences and how to finally let go and move on.

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