#270 Maggie Freleng with Karla Baday


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On February 2, 2002, Maria Medina notified her former partner, Karla Baday, that three of her children had accused Baday of sexually molesting them. Maria said the children claimed that Baday had assaulted them while Medina was at the grocery store near their home in Armona, CA. Baday denied all of the allegations. The children were taken in for a medical examination a month later where Nurse Georgeanne Greene concluded that their “injuries” were consistent with the allegations. It was later found that her testimony and examination were patently false. Based on the testimony of Nurse Greene and ineffective counsel, Baday was convicted of child molestation and sentenced to 45 years to life in prison. Maggie speaks to Karla Baday, Catherine Boyle, Baday's attorney, and Dulce Baday, Baday's sister.

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