17 - Shea Layton & pimps named Chet


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Jason welcomes teacher, writer, podcaster, & pal Shea Layton for a gabfest about Rocky Mountain oysters, Pimp cologne, the main problem with guys named Chet, & fist fighting in the food court at the mall. Then, in a thrilling first for WRTES, they deliver a dramatic reading of Shea's incomplete (but compellingly gritty) early screenplay, 'Dryer Sheets.' Get comfortable & feast on all the tense & suspenseful action. Music, as always, by the iridescent DJ Max in Tokyo; this episode features the tracks 'Swing Around' & 'Fly On,' both of which you can buy at http://soundcloud.com/djmaxintokyo, if you dig 'em. Join the early sh*t chat at https://www.facebook.com/WRTESpodcast & on Instagram @writersreadtheirearlyshit. Many thanks, wherever & whoever you are, for listening.
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