13 - Curtis Emde & shocking the people (Part 1)


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Podcast predicament (& it's a big one): what do you do when you conduct an interview so freewheeling, so important, so dangerous, so damned crazy, that it goes for over three hours? Break it up into two separate blasts of hell and hallelujah, that's what. Get ready for brief flashes of brief enjoyment & welcome to Writer's Read Their Early Sh*t's first Double Event, featuring writer, filmmaker, & retired rock star Curtis Emde. In this very written & directed episode, Curtis exposes the unfinished mother of all movie guides, co-written (& illustrated) with WRTES alumni Alison Emde, with digressions concerning vintage typewriting pranks, literary pilgrimages, & why doing your own thing's OK. KISS is also mentioned. Repeatedly. Rated B, for bombastic. Check out Curtis's work at https://theorangelamphousestudio.com & join the early sh*t chat at https://www.facebook.com/WRTESpodcast and on Instagram @writersreadtheirearlyshit. Music, as always, by the redoubtable DJ Max in Tokyo; check him out at http://soundcloud.com/djmaxintokyo. Thank you, wherever you are, for listening.

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