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Fake wrestler. Real laughs. Brace yourself for the funniest ride in wrestling. 🔞 Not every wrestler makes it into the WWE or the AEW. Some are blighted by injury or lack of talent. Most head to the Pub Wrestling Federation... And at this level, it's more about grit than glitter. Your host is the legendary, hairy and permanently sweaty 35-time PWF champion, the Ginger Ninja, and his long-suffering manager and co-host Damien St John. If you want stories about The Rock, John Cena, The Undertaker, and the Ultimate Warrior, then jog on. If you want drama, passion, and adventures of a man whose DNA is 93% gammon, hit play. Starring Damien St John (himself), Ant McGinley (Ginger Ninja), and UK comedians making cameo appearances that'll send you into fits of laughter quicker than an Irish whip into the turnbuckle. Find us on the Sport Social website: https://podcast.sport-social.co.uk/podcast/wrestling-with-the-champ/

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