065 - A Disastrous Return To Air


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Welcome to the worst hour podcast. Your favorite Wednesday morning drivetime radio comedy news podcast programme. This was a bizarre and frustrating episode. We planned a triumphant return to air with all our brand new shiny equipment and massively failed.

We initially set ourselves up to livestream the episode and after 2 tries, the camera kept failing, and then at the end, we ended up losing about 20 minutes of audio towards the end. It’s heartbreaking. We’ll make it up to y’all.

On today’s episode of the show, we discuss Canada acting up, the latest hurdle for the 2020 Tokoyo Olympics (still the official name btw) and Bryan kind of gives an update on Syria (you’ll see what I mean).

But first Bryan and Ramsey discuss Ramsey's rocky wisdom teeth recovery, the pros and cons of having a fit doctor, how Ramsey farts, the mislabeled nature of lactose intolerance, and more. Plus, we take a look at some listener questions and comments in your favorite segment - the sperm bank.

As always thank you.

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