046 - A Very Atypical Election Night Livestream


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We were a day late because it turns out YouTube takes a few days to process livestreams and make the audio available! Whoops! Learning lesson! If we believed it was ever appropriate to apologize, this would totally be a situation we would apologize for.

This was our first ever livestream and there were a shit load of technical blips that we had to deal with on air, so it’s kind of funny to listen to how unfucking prepared we were. It was a lot of fun. If you wanna catch our next one, be sure to subscribe to our Youtube page!

We opened the show by talking about Ramsey’s car being towed and how horribly uninteresting most election day livestream have been. We then take a look at some hilarious political ads.

We close the show by checking in on some of our election day predictions from earlier in the week and by endorsing a Presidential candidate.

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