The end of the Netanyahu era?


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Zack, Jenn, and Alex discuss the political earthquake happening in Israel that could soon see longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu ousted from power by a shaky coalition of far-right, centrist, leftist, and Islamist parties. They explain how this unlikely coalition came together, why it could easily fall apart, and what the possible end of the Netanyahu era means for the future of Israel and its conflict with the Palestinians.


Zack wrote a piece for Vox in 2020 about the war on Israeli democracy.

You can find the Yair Lapid quote Alex read over at Foreign Policy.

The Times of Israel has a good (and short!) profile of Naftali Bennett.

The Associated Press reports the coalition wants a quick vote to confirm the government.

Haaretz has a smart piece on how Netanyahu unwittingly sowed the seeds of his political demise.

Politico featured a piece by experts detailing what the new Israeli government could mean for US President Joe Biden.

The Jerusalem Post features the comment Jenn mentioned, where Bennett talks about killing Arabs.


Zack Beauchamp (@zackbeauchamp), senior correspondent, Vox

Jennifer Williams (@jenn_ruth), senior foreign editor, Vox

Alex Ward (@AlexWardVox), White House reporter, Vox

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