Gustavo Zlauvinen on the NPT review conference and peaceful uses of nuclear technology, Deep Isolation's Elizabeth Muller on nuclear waste disposal


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The Tenth Review Conference of the Parties to the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons took place at the United Nations in New York during August. Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen took time out during the talks to explain the issues with a special focus on how a key part of the NPT is the sharing of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. We also hear from Elizabeth Muller, CEO and co-founder of Deep Isolation, who explains how it is hoping to solve the nuclear waste disposal issue.

  • Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen is President of the Tenth Review Conference of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). In an interview conducted while the conference was taking place, he talks about his background, explains what the NPT is, the big issues for the review conference, including the importance of encouraging the sharing of nuclear technology for peaceful purposes. He gives his thoughts on what role the nuclear industry can have in helping to drive this aspect forward. There is also an update to include his reaction after the event closed without a consensus document. Although disappointed, Zlauvinen highlights the progress made despite the challenging geopolitical backdrop.
  • Elizabeth Muller is CEO and co-founder of Deep Isolation, who talks about her background as an environmentalist and explains why she wanted to "solve" the issue of nuclear waste disposal so that the future growth of nuclear is not held back by negative public perception of the issue. She explains the company's deep borehole repository system and sets out likely timescales, which means there could be a disposal site up and running within the next five to ten years.

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