#14: What it takes for CEO’s to scale up their companies


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We chat to Founder Coach, Dave Bailey, on how he helps CEO’s move their companies from scale-up to success.

First published at https://www.get5.io/podcast/14-dave-bailey-what-it-takes-ceo-scale-up-companies

Timestamp notes:

0.23 — Dave introduces himself.

1.00 — How Dave got into the Coaching business.

2.59 — What is Dave’s №1 regret?

3.12 — Dave’s coaching process.

3.39 — When is a good time to get a coach?

5.00 — Why every startup needs a Chief of Staff.

10.55 — The bias against HR.

14.23 — What to look out for when hiring a Chief of Staff.

18.10 — Dave’s view on company culture. What stops companies from innovating?

23.25 — How to increase self-knowledge.

30.50 — An average day for Dave.

31.56 — What is Dave reading? From Impossible to Inevitable (Ross & Lemkin), The Success Formula (Andrew Kakabadse), books about mental models. His best recent read is Attached: The Science of Adult Attachment(Levine & Heller).

35.00 — Software he uses daily? Productivity tool: Rev.com (audio transcription). Automation tool: Zapier to automate manual tasks. Recording tool: Loom as a low-friction, asynchronous alternative to text, and great for a remote team.

40.18 — How to reach Dave: Medium, Twitter, LinkedIn, Website

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