#10: Actions vs Behaviour


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We chat with Richard Shotton, author of “The Choice Factory”, experienced media planner & behavioural scientist and founder of Astroten media consultancy.

Richard Shotton started his career as a media planner working with brands such as Coke, Lexus and comparethemarket.com before he found his passion in applying behavioural science to business problems. He writes about the behavioural experiments he runs for publications such as Marketing Week, The Drum, Campaign, Admap and Quartz.

His first book, The Choice Factory: 25 Behavioural Biases that Influence What We Buy, is aimed at marketing & advertising practitioners, but is rooted in social psychology and how people make everyday decisions. These principles are easily applied to the office environment, where people’s behaviours shape the organisational culture. People do not act more rationally in the workplace — they are just as influenced by biases & their personal fears.

What people say motivates them, and what actually motivates them, are two different things.

Timestamp notes

0.56 — About Richard and how he got hooked on behavioural science.

4.26 — Background to his book, The Choice Factory.

8.50 — What leaders & companies can learn from behavioural biases.

13.16 — An average day for Richard.

13.32 — Richard’s favourite reading and listening material. He listens to the More or Less podcast by Tim Harford.

14.08 — How to reach Richard: Twitter @rshotton, LinkedIN.

14.21 — Richard’s favourite productivity tool? Books! Best way to get more ideas.

14.52 — Deep look into Richard’s book, The Choice Factory.

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