Teena Clouston - Work-Life Balance Is Not the Latest Fad, It’s a Permanent Essential


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Teena Clouston is a professor in occupational therapy, life balance and well-being at Cardiff University. She deconstructs what we think of as normal and unchangeable practices in the workplace, promotes the human aspects of productivity, and encourages us to rethink what “sustainability” really means.


The industry of work is filled with buzzwords like sustainability, productivity, work-life balance -- but what exactly are the levels of healthy and unhealthy practices across personal and organisational areas? Teena Clouston breaks down the workplace cycles that we’ve all bought into without knowing how they really affect us.

Time stamps

[1:30] The biggest crises workplaces are facing today: sustainability and resilience

[3:51] Workplace disengagement is the true pandemic, but it’s hidden

[6:06] The “workplace” is actually three intertwining worlds, they all need to be healthy

[9:05] The forgotten value of “human resources” and how to turn it around

[13:41] The rise of workplace neoliberalism, how it’s actually been there all along

[21:57] The difference between organisational and individual approaches to building a healthier workplace culture

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Teena Clouston, website: https://teenaclouston.wordpress.com

Teena’s book: Challenging Stress, Burnout and Rust-Out: Finding Balance in Busy Lives

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