Michael Leiter - The Biggest Crisis in the Workplace and What You Can Do About It


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Michael P. Leiter, Ph.D., is an organisational psychologist interested in the relationships of people with their work. He has been professor of Industrial and Organisational Psychology at Deakin University in the Faculty of Health and Canada Research Chair in Occupational Health at Acadia University. He is currently a professor at St. Mary’s University.

We all knew there was something wrong with the way we worked. That’s why when the pandemic started, we had all sorts of problems -- they weren’t new, they just couldn’t be covered up anymore. There are multiple crises in the workplace and Michael Leiter shares with us what he’s learnt from a distinguished research career on improving the quality of work and life.
Time stamps:
[1:20] The biggest crises of the workplace (it’s so fundamental, we often overlook it)
[4:45] The role of community in the workplace
[7:21] How to eradicate the pandemic (not the COVID one)
[9:17] Best practices that businesses need to make necessary changes

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