Episode 55: Super Silver Haze! | Fasting! | Schlepping to the Delis!


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On this extra-beefy episode, Josh and Roy pop open a couple of Doob tubes and light up their Super Silver Haze joints, before Wondering about fasting in Judaism. Then they hit the headlines. After a refresh, Roy interviews Steve Goode, the mensch on the motorcycle that's at the center of Mazon's Great American Deli Schlep, a campaign to raise awareness about hunger in America. Then they wrap it up with their respective parenting moment of their week.
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Links from this episode:

  • Click here to contact Chanan Weissman, White House liaison to the Jewish community.
  • Click here to learn more about and donate to the Great American Deli Schlep in support of Mazon.
  • Click here to contact the Union of Reform Judaism and let them know that you want to add a fast day to the Jewish calendar for Holocaust Remembrance Day.


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