#1304 Music by Shena!, Tosin Oyelakin, Priestess Cassandra, Kristine Cox, Monciella Elder, Zelda Nera Hutzenbeler & The Sacred Desire, Denise Foster, Melanie Milburn, Priestess Cassandra, Yvette Medina


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This show includes the following songs:

Shena! - Better Together FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Tosin Oyelakin - Holy Spirit FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Priestess Cassandra - Take Me Higher FOLLOW ON SOUNDCLOUD

Kristine Cox - The Things I Will Remember FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Monciella Elder - Heartstruck FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Zelda Nera Hutzenbeler & The Sacred Desire - To You FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Denise Foster - You Are Mine (Matthew 18 12) FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Melanie Milburn - What we need today is to Pray

Priestess Cassandra - A Meditation on Psalm 23 FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Yvette Medina - Sorrow Into A Song FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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