#1300 Music by Shantel Adams, Laura Bachynski, Lourdes Pita, Jenny Van Alstyne, Elayne Terranova and Fernando Carvalho, Magda Angelica, Dr. Patricia Lutfy, Castle-Eye feat. Emily Hope, Kristine Cox, Young Promiss


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Hope, Strength & Inspiration

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This show includes the following songs:

Shantel Adams - Addicted to Hope FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Laura Bachynski - I Had A Dream Last Night (Featuring Pamela Pellizzari, John Drew) FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Lourdes Pita - Benefit FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Jenny Van Alstyne - Meant For More FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Elayne Terranova and Fernando Carvalho - Toot FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Magda Angelica - Mi Raiz FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Dr. Patricia Lutfy - Divine Plan

Castle-Eye feat. Emily Hope - Dancing in the Rain FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Kristine Cox - I Write My Own Story FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

Young Promiss - Watch Me FOLLOW ON SPOTIFY

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