Gina Yashere; Afghanistan; WAGs; Helen Epega


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British comic Gina Yashere has made it big on both sides of the Atlantic. A veteran of the UK comedy scene, she's also had huge success in the US. Now she's just released her first book, a memoir called 'Cack-Handed' in which she writes about growing up as a child of Nigerian immigrants in working-class London, and how this unique background helped her to make it in Hollywood. The Prime Minister confirmed yesterday the end of Britain's mission in Afghanistan. It follows the decision by US President Joe Biden to withdraw US troops by September 11th. But what lies ahead for women? And what's changed for them since foreign troops entered the country in late 2001? Krupa speaks to Mahjooba Nowrouzi from the BBC Afghan Service and Dr Weeda Mehran, a lecturer in Terrorism and Conflict at the University of Exeter. As England reach the finals of Euro 2020, we look at the story behind the term 'WAGs', or Wives and Girlfriends. There are some easily recognisable names on that list from Victoria Beckham, Cheryl Cole and Coleen Rooney. But how did it all start, and should the term be seen as insulting or out of date? Sam Kimberley is the author of The Wag Wars: The Glamorous Story of Footballers Wives', and Lizzie Cundy is a former "WAG", and now a radio and TV presenter. Helen Epega is the multi-talented Nigerian-British rapper turned performance artist. She is the founder and lead singer of The Venus Bushfires, behind the world's first opera written in Pidgin English – Song Queen, and she has written music for Christian Dior, PlayStation and Disney. She joins Krupa to discuss her latest work, ‘Sounds of Us: A Sound Art Snapshot - Life, Love, Fear, Hope & Protest In The Time Of Pandemic Lockdown’. Presented by Krupa Padhy Produce by Frankie Tobi

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