Rape in war, Single-sex spaces, No-fault divorce


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Reports are coming through that Russian soldiers have raped women in Ukraine. There are reports that women have been raped in front of their children, and soldiers have filmed what they're doing. We hear the latest from BBC correspondent Emma Vardy, and discuss why rape in war happens, justice and trauma with Dr Jelke Boesten, Professor of Gender and Development at King's College London. The Equality and Human Rights Commission has now given guidance about single-sex spaces. This is for spaces like toilets, prisons and changing rooms. We talk to Baroness Kishwer Falkner, chair of the EHRC. David Gauke, who used to be Secretary of State for Justice, comes on the programme to talk about the new divorce system. When he was in post he thought the system was making a difficult situation worse. He said that the law should allow people to move on constructively when divorce is inevitable, and that this would really help children. A new book called Lessons in Chemistry follows the rise of an unconventional TV cook called Elizabeth Zott. Set in1960s America, her career as a chemist takes a detour when she becomes the star of a much-loved TV cooking show. She's a cross between Julia Childs and Marie Curie, and what she says dares her female TV viewers to reconsider not just the dinner menu, but their place in the world. We speak to the author, Bonnie Garmus.

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