Reair: Understanding Your Motivation to Write with H. Claire Taylor - Plus Using the Enneagram for Character Development


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Episode 126 / In this re-air episode we discuss expectations, common mistakes, and understanding our motivation to write. Claire is also an expert on applying the Enneagram to story structure. She has a kickstarter preview up for her book Reclaim Your Author Career, which uses the Enneagram to help authors align their careers.

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Show notes:

  • Why it’s crucial to know what your story is about so you can “steer the ship” in the direction you need to go and save time on revisions
  • How knowing what you want out of your writing career impacts your expectations and your marketing plans
  • Common mistakes Claire sees as she works with authors
  • How understanding your motivations and needs as a writer helps you set your goals
  • Using tension and power in your writing
  • How Claire uses the Enneagram to help writers discover their character’s motivations and needs
  • Creating flaws that make characters likable

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