Lindsay Buroker on Pen Names, Podcasting, and Rapid Release (Reair)


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Episode 128 / We’re headed back to the archives for a fun interview with Lindsay Buroker. Lindsay talks about the benefits and drawbacks of pen names, the advantages of podcasting for writers, and how she writes and releases books into Kindle Unlimited using the rapid release model, then goes wide later.

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Show notes:

  • The importance of embracing the entrepreneurial mindset when you’re an indie author
  • Advantages of using Patreon before a launch to let wide readers get a book before it goes into KU
  • Why Lindsay is glad she did a writing workshop before she published
  • The benefit of giving your cover artist freedom to be creative
  • Why first-in-series-free book still works
  • Lindsay’s lessons-learned about writing in multiple genres and pen names
  • Advice for writers who want to start a podcast
  • Rapid release and how Lindsay writes the books back-to-back before launching Book One
  • The power of using “open loops” in a series and how it boosts readthrough of a series
  • Focusing on what you’re good at and leaning into that whether it’s writing fast or marketing

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