#26 Cheryl Franz - Organizational Psychologist (PhD) / Never too late / Getting your voice in the room / Be open to being wrong


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Welcome to another episode of "Wish I Knew . . . "

A podcast where I speak with people about their careers focusing on their success, advice, mentoring and listening to interesting stories.

I loved my conversation with Cheryl Franz a person who has a wonderful perspective on her life, career and working with others.


  • Going to John Carroll university and getting her PhD in organizational psychology from Wayne State University (my hometown)
  • Experience with some great companies to include
    • Ford Motor Company
    • Pfizer
    • And now with Stamford health
  • Cheryl has spent over 35 years working with companies in Organizational Phsychology to develop Executives, implement talent initiatives and training and development


  • Setting a bad example at a pizza place as a teenager
  • Natural curiosity growing up and this has served her well throughout her career
  • Finding a great mentor in college that changed her entire experience
  • Dropping out of a grad program after taking in the economic factors
  • Going back to get the degree after 18 years in the workforce
  • Putting her professors on edge with her real world experience
  • Never to late to finish unfinished business, Going back to finish degree in her 40's
  • Helping teams individuals improve their soft skills
  • An 8 month Executive Leadership program to improve their skills
    • Stopping and coaching along the way
    • Key trait was curiosity
    • Running an ROI on the project
  • Best way to learn is to do the work / experience it
  • I want to be a CEO- Breaking down individual goals to see if there is still a match
  • Bringing self awareness to individual goals
  • Midwest background and upbringing served her well
  • Making assumptions and being willing to be wrong
  • Early in career very accepting and now it's more about drilling down and questioning
  • Getting your voice in the room and being open to feedback and perspectives
  • Avoid second guessing yourself

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