Stop the Blame Game and Start Living the Life You Want-Omar Medrano


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My story can be summarized as there were a lot of wrongs before there was a right. No one believed in me, I had all these fears inside of me, my junior high principal said it would be a cold day in hell if I ever graduated college, I never thought I would become an entrepreneur. I went to school for journalism but quickly realized I didn’t have the gift. After that, I turned to sales and during that season I took a personal development course. What I walked away with was everyone always talks about one day, one day I’ll open my own business, one day I’ll have a podcast, or one day I might write a book. What I realized is everyone who was saying one day was giving themselves an out to not act today.

What often stops people from pursuing their dreams are the fears that are instilled in us growing up. People don’t reach for their dreams because they don’t believe in themselves. If only people realized there is no such thing as failure, but everything is a learning experience. Failure is only when you don’t learn from your past and keep repeating the same mistakes. Now I’m not saying everyone should be an entrepreneur, there are plenty of people that don’t even want what you get out of being an entrepreneur. But if someone wants to be an entrepreneur then it's time to get out there and go for it.

Don’t get caught up in the blame game because it will kill dreams faster than anything else. When you say why me, you will never get past where you are. Sure, I could blame my parents but I’m nearly 40-years old, I’ve been an adult a long time and made plenty of my own decisions. There is only one person we can blame and that is the person in the mirror. Let’s not blame the 1%, politicians, society, our parents, or anything else. Rather when you take ownership of your life and your decisions that is when you can start making progress towards your dreams.

When I work with clients, I don’t evaluate them by how much money I think I could make. I want to understand where they are first which is why I don’t charge anything for the first session. When something isn’t working in your business the first place to look is your actions. How are you training people, or do you have the wrong culture or are you hiring people out of urgency. When you take responsibility for the part you have played then you can begin fixing the issues. If you aren’t ready to take ownership of your actions, then my coaching won't do you much good.

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