Win Over Depression -A Podcast about coping mental illness and anxiety


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The goal of WIN OVER DEPRESSION is to spread awareness about the Mental Health epidemic and provide insight, and understanding about the daily challenges individuals with mental health issues face. It can be hard to get out of bed in the morning or feel motivated to interact with others. Quite often it feels as though a dark cloud is hovering over you. During the most painful times you just feel ALONE. The clinically depressed individual struggles daily to survive. The mind is the worst enemy they have and they are often trapped inside their thoughts. They make assumptions about their interactions, sometimes become paranoid and have difficulty deciding what is the truth. They feel alone in their pain because they are convinced they are a burden to their family and friends. They have a couple of friends in whom they may confide, but unless you have experienced the deep-rooted sadness and helplessness no one can really understand the day to day and often moment to moment struggle of mental health disorders. For the most part, sufferers of mental health conditions conceal their mental health diagnosis because society can be cruel and accusatory. The negative stigmas that surround mental illnesses encourage silence and seeking professional help is perceived to be a weakness."GIVING UP IS NEVER AN OPTION."This podcast will provide the mental health sufferer or their family with insight, tools for survival and "real-life" stories that will teach techniques and ways to thrive despite your circumstances and life a productive life. websites:

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