Making Indigenous Art with Louie Gong


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Louie Gong is one of the most successful Native American visual artists in the country. At the beginning of his artistic career, he wanted to find a way to sell and license his work without having to go through a gallery or museum. So he founded his own company, Eighth Generation. The brand started in 2008 in Louie’s 200 square foot living room, and now inhabits a 30,000 square foot space in the heart of Seattle. Eighth Generation partners with over 40 Native American artists around the U.S. to design, manufacture and market beautiful wool blankets, art prints, home goods, and more.

Louie recently collaborated with Brooks to create the new Brooks Running Sasquatch Collection, designed by Louie, which features his art, inspired by his interpretation of Sasquatch. The limited edition collection includes running apparel and the Cascadia 16 trail running shoe. Learn more about Louie and the Sasquatch collection here.

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