Litecast: NIL Interview with State Senator Nate Boulton


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This week's Litecast features a great interview with Austin & Levi talking to Iowa State Senator Nate Boulton about the NIL bill introduced during this legislative session. Since he wrote it, who better to inform us of what it includes, what it doesn't, and the importance it carries? But before that, Matt, Dylan, and Austin hit the most important topics from last week's virtual tailgate tour. Bill Fennelly got extended, Kim Mulkey continues to haunt Iowa State, and Jack Trice Stadium will be full for football season. Plus, Austin would like to be unblocked on Twitter by Jamie Pollard please. The NBA playoffs are off in full force and the guys have some early impressions about the panicking LA teams and the battle of Trae Young vs Luka Doncic. Thanks to Es Tas Bar & Grill as always for sponsoring!

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