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In this episode, I have the pleasure of interviewing Charlotte Stoddart. What really goes on behind the microphone of a freelance scientist, journalist, and Knowable podcaster?

One could say serendipity played Charlotte a visit one day when she was sitting home listening to the first season of Knowable magazine podcast episodes made by an old nature colleague of hers, Adam Levy. “I thought, oh, this is good” stated Charlotte. As she enjoyed listening to his episodes, she found them interesting. She sent him a message just saying, “Oh, I love your new podcast Adam”! Then he replied, saying, Oh, great, thanks. Would you like to work on season two with me?

Fast forward a year and Charlotte has been working with Knowable magazine and a bit on Season Two of the Knowable magazine podcast. “Working with someone you've worked with before makes it a little bit easier” she stated and knew it was going to be a great project if Adam was involved, too.

As a freelancer, Charlotte also works with other science publications. Before that, she was working at the science journal Nature for many years running their multimedia team. Her team there made a podcast called The Nature podcast and made animations and documentaries about science.
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