EP 55 How to Pray for Prosperity and Success in Your Business Career Work: Power of Prayer Series- He Has Plans for Us to Prosper Not Harm Us


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EP 55 How to Pray for Prosperity and Success in Your Business Career Work: Power of Prayer Series- He Has Plans for Us to Prosper Not Harm Us

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So we're gonna get right into this prayer. God, I wanna come to you today in great Thanksgiving and praise heavenly father. Thank you for your word. Thank you for your love. Thank you for showing up for us every day in our lives. Thank you God, for enlightening, our eyes revealing to us who it is. You want us to help today. And I just thank you for that ability to have an opportunity to serve and to of others in the way that you've called us to your word says that I can do all things through Christ Jesus. I can do all things through you who strengthen me. And I ask that you give me strength and I ask that you give me strength. As I take the steps that I need to take every day in business or at work, I ask that you help give us the strength to succeed in our work in our businesses, bless our work with prosperity for you are good.

And it is all for your glory. May the love of our savior, Jesus Christ, the tenderness of our savior, Jesus Christ and the presence of the holy spirit. May father, God, God bring us joy. Bring us peace in what we're doing today. And every day, I thank you, God, that every good and perfect gift comes from you. And that is in the form of our business, our work, our gifts, our talents, our customers our clients. I thank you God, for every person that you bring into our path, because there is a purpose that you have them in front of us. And I ask that we are able to serve them exactly how they are needed. God, you've promised that if I, whatever I do to you, then you will cause my plans to succeed. And my success will come from aligning my plans with your plans with your will not my will God, but your will.

Let me hear your voice in every single thing I do. Let me hear it clearly, as you give me with wisdom and guidance, as you give me the ability to discern what it is that is good versus evil. Remind me that success is not found in this world, God, but it is found in you. And as long as I am in you, I will succeed. It is impossible for me not to prosper because you said that you have, you know, the plans for me and that is for me to prosper. And I believe that and receive that today. God and I thank you, God, that your work is perfect. Your ways are just, you are a God of faithfulness. And the Bible says that if I walk in your ways and observe your commands, that I will prosper in every, everything that I do and everything that I, everywhere that I go give me assurance that as I seek you and I make you the CEO of my business, or make you the leader of my work, that you will bless the work, you will bless the results of the work you will cause prosperity to grow.

May the love of the father, the, the saving grace of your son and the presence of the almighty holy spirit, may it bring joy to our everyday interactions. And I just thank you for all, all of those things, God you've promised and you're faithful. And we rely on you. Your word says that you give us ability to create wealth through the work of our hands. And I commit my business and my work to your hands. I, I, I commit the work of my hands to you, and I know that the work of my hands, as long as it is aligned with what your word will give you glory. And I thank you God, for that ability to work and meet your people, your children, and come into agreement with them for your good that you, you align all of our works.

And you align and use all things for our good as we are in Christ Jesus. And I just thank you for, for working all things for our good, and I just I'm grateful today. God, you are. My rockier, my Redeemer, you have made all things good in you and I thank you that you hold all of those things together. You've said that you have have plans and a purpose for me, plans to prosper me and not harm me and I receive. And I believe that today, I trust you with my work. I trust you with my business. May the word of Jesus Christ dwelled deeply within my soul deeply within my heart. May I be a student of your wisdom? May I work with thankfulness and gratefulness? May I be able to look at all that you have provided me with and see how blessed and favor I am and be grateful for what it is?

God, let us be good stewards of what it is you've put in front of us. Whatever we do maybe do it in your name, maybe do it for you. And I just thank you today for the ability to be a reflection of your light in business, in work and in my relationships, God, thank you for or all that you've done. God, I ask that you put your hand on every single woman represented listening to this podcast. I pray that their homes are blessed. I pray that their work is blessed. I pray that their minds are blessed. I pray that it, their hearts are blessed. God I ask for healing in minds, bodies, emotions, spirits. I ask for that healing for your women, your children of God. I ask that you bless each and every household that's represented. As woman represented here gives her heart to you, gives her intentions to you and strives to walk in the purpose that you have given her in Jesus name. Amen ladies, I'll see you on the next episode.

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