EP 46 How do I Know What God is Telling Me What to Do next- What should I do while I wait on the Lord for Busy Working Moms


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EP 46 How do I Know What God is Telling Me What to Do next- What should I do while I wait on the Lord for Busy Working Moms

I am so sorry that I am late posting this episode. We actually had a family member that passed away of COVID. And so yesterday on Friday, we're all of the proceedings and things for that. So I spent the day with family took the day off other than a couple of nursing teaching things that I had to do early in the morning. And I just was not able to get this thing ready to post. So I wanna apologize for the delay, but I'm sure you guys will forgive me and love me through it. So today I wanted to talk about how to take steps when you don't know quite what to do or quite what's next. And I know that some of you guys have probably been been in that season, or maybe that's where you are now is that you're trying to do what God called you to do, but you really just don't know what to do next.

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I am so sorry that I am late posting this episode. We actually had a family member that passed away of COVID. And so yesterday on Friday, we're all of the proceedings and things for that. So I spent the day with family took the day off other than a couple of nursing teaching things that I had to do early in the morning. And I just was not able to get this thing ready to post. So I wanna apologize for the delay, but I'm sure you guys will forgive me and love me through it. So today I wanted to talk about how to take steps when you don't know quite what to do or quite what's next. And I know that some of you guys have probably been been in that season, or maybe that's where you are now is that you're trying to do what God called you to do, but you really just don't know what to do next.

Or maybe you are just feeling like you're not hearing from God. If you're not hearing from God, then hop back over to some of those other episodes. I think the last episode too, there's been a couple of episodes. We've talked about how we can hear from God and ask God what's next and that kind of thing. But sometimes we're just in a season where we know that we're being called to do something new, but we just don't know what's next. He, he hasn't shown you the next step. So maybe it is a situation in which your season that you're in was forced upon you. Maybe you lost your job or maybe a plan's unexpectedly changed. And you just don't know what to do. Maybe you feel like you've been stuck in the same situation for awhile which by the way, if you're in that season right there where you're feeling stuck, ladies, that is what I'm here for.

I'm here to help you get unstuck. So make sure you hop over to my website at www dot Angie, Tony rogers.com and hop over to the coaching menu and select one of those options. And we can walk through all of those things, all of those reasons why you feel like you're stuck and then get you to a place where we are getting beyond that together. Okay. So regardless of the, cause we tend to fall into these situations and we just sometimes don't know what to do next. We don't know where we're headed. We don't know what we're being asked to do. We don't, it just seems like we just don't know where to go next. We don't know the directions to take, we don't know the actions today. So the very first thing I want you to think about is have you already done the last thing that God told you to do?

Have you already done that? Because I think sometimes God gives us a direction or the holy spirit kind of leads us and nudges us to take a specific step or action. And sometimes we are afraid or fearful to take those next steps because we don't know when we step, are we gonna step on water and be held up? Are we going to step on solid ground? You know, what is coming next? And so sometimes we don't actually take the steps that God's told us to take already. And what I can guarantee you is that with every step comes more clarity and comes more, a clear vision of what's next. You know, as you take a step each time you step your perspective, your perspective changes, you're able to see a little further than you did before with each step, you're able to see a little bit to the peripheral, to the sides.

You can see a different perspective as you take that step. So the first thing to really think about is have you done what the last thing is that God told you to do, perhaps, you know, or maybe he's already told you to do something and you haven't done that yet. So if that's the case, then take the step because sometimes there is a new vision or a new perspective that's needed, but you can't get there until you actually take that step or do that thing that you've already been asked to do. And if you're not sure if you've correctly heard, then sometimes you can find confirmation and reading his word. Sometimes you can just pray about it. Sometimes you can seek out guidance from a friend who has that spiritual guidance that you're looking for, you know be careful about who you go to about those things.

Because, you know, just because God's saying something to you doesn't mean he's always saying something to a friend or a husband or a neighbor or whoever you go to. So just ask for that wisdom and discernment and strength to make those decisions, but really assess and figure out have you done the last thing that God's told you to do? If you have then keep doing that thing until the next step is revealed, he is trustful. He is faithful. He is worthy of the weight. So part of that weight sometimes is that trust that faith, that believing that he is going to do what he says he is going to do, he is the one guiding you. And if he has told you to take a step and he hasn't given you that next step yet, then just keep doing the thing that he's told you to do.

The other thing is that if you've taken that step and you haven't gotten the next yet, so really just be wise and be purposefully looking for confirmations that he's looking for. You know, what we focus on tends to be what we see, what we're received, what we perceive. And so that focus and that prayer full ask on what it is that he wants to reveal to us. Just ask him. The other thing is ask him if anything is in the way, God, if there's anything inside of me, that's preventing me to see the vision. You need me to see, to see the next step, remove it from me. You know, maybe it's that we haven't quite gotten the clarity because we haven't finished the action. He's asking us to take, we are still, we have still have a place to learn in this current season that we're in.

Maybe we're still being prepared. So really seek out God, pluck those things out of me. If those things are in the way, right? That's your prayer, that's your ask. And you know, he does always give us that wisdom when we ask for it. And when we seek that out and when we focus on, if I'm missing something, God, if there's something in my way, something I'm doing something that's not right in my spirit, then reveal it to me so that I can know and just be ready for him to reveal it to you, be ready for him to plus that thing out, you know, his, his word and his spirit and his guidance is, you know, sometimes sharp going in, but it heals coming out. So just be ready for him to actually reveal those things. So the next thing is is that if you're doing that and you're praying, then sometimes it's just about resting.

Sometimes it's about waiting patiently and waiting in a place of peace. Just again, in that knowledge that if he's called you to do it, then he's got a plan. He already has. It worked out. And it's just the season that you're in continuing trying to be restful and encouraging during that time. You know, man, I mean, when I think about the ruthless elimination of hurry by John mark, Homer, that book that I've read recently, there is so much conviction in that weight, that ability to rest, that ability to seek out peace and that ability to rest in the season that you're in and the ability to be able to take some of that time to not be so busy. I mean sometimes busy and hurriedness and always having to go, go go is actually prohibiting you from actually seeing what it is that he wants you to do next.

So maybe it is just chilling out and spending time with your family and doing the things that are bringing you joy. Maybe that is the season he wants you to be in versus always having to know that next. I mean, I am a recovering perfectionist as I've talked about and a recovering control freak. And so sometimes it is just that he wants me to chill out and stop trying to control everything that's coming next. And just, just be just enjoy. So maybe you're in a situation where you were in between jobs or you are trying to figure out what to do with your job. You know, there's always this fine line and this balance between sitting on your couch and not really doing much and just say, oh Lord, I'm waiting on you to provide for me, you are to Jehovah-jireh. You are going to provide for me, but you're not really doing anything.

So there's always this fine line. Like recently I had applied for a position and you know, if I don't get a call back and I have emailed the HR person and I have, you know, emailed a reference and said, Hey, would you be a reference for me? And I've done those things, then God will then show you which doors he wants you to continue to try to pursue and walk through, or he will eliminate those things. And so you just have to trust that you're doing what it is he's called you to do, be prayerful, be mindful and, you know, rest when he's calling you to rest or rest when there's not a lot of opportunities presenting themselves to you. Well, maybe that's because it's the season where you're not supposed to be being active in, in applying for those jobs. If you're not finding those jobs that you need to apply for, that you feel led to apply for, then maybe it's not the season to be applying.

So on the other hand, if you are seeing an opportunity pop up that you think, God, do you want me to do this, then apply for it. And if it's not the opportunity it'll weed itself out because God will divinely set everything up to work out as it should, as long as you are being prayerful. And you're focusing on what it is asking him for that and discernment and making these decisions. So you can do that balance where you're not just sitting on the couch saying, Hey, God provide for me during the, the season of unknown, but you're taking steps and you're being prayerful about it, but you're not always like pressing and running and being busy and just doing things just for the purpose to try to make yourself feel better, better, because you're busy. You know, hopefully that makes sense. And in the season, a lot of the times it is so easy to get anxious and almost fearful sometimes definitely getting worried about what's coming next.

Especially if you have financial issues tied to this season of not knowing what's next. I can tell you that that absolutely has been one of my continuous prayers to God is I know that you're a provider. I know that you'd called me out of this one thing and you had a plan and there are certain seasons. And like I've always said before, you know, when I stepped out of my chief nursing officer Rowe, it's been about six months ago. I said, I don't know if it's going to be forever. Maybe it's just the season where I'm taking this time. And I know for a fact that a lot of this season has been time for me to reconnect with family, be available for my children and help, you know, with some homeschooling issues that were going on, which have thank you, God turned around. But I just I know that family and that reconnection with family has been one of the purposes of the season, but that doesn't mean that, you know, in a few months from now that I might go back into doing something similar or not, it just means that I am being mindful of the season and that she's putting me in.

I'm listening to all of the cues that he's, it's giving me about the season. And he wants me to learn in, he, I'm asking him to reveal what it is that needs to be fixed within me. You know, to become a better wife. Remember my word for this year was becoming and or to become, and so becoming a better wife, becoming a better leader, becoming a better servant, becoming a better friend, becoming a better mother. So all of those things that, you know, reveal those things to me, what, during this timeframe in this season of uncertainty, do you want me to focus on? And so the other big thing is that when there are financial things attached to this season of not knowing that sometimes anxiety and fear can come up. And for me, the two things that part of me walking away from that position, that I was very comfortable in financially and very comfortable in as far as my confidence in my competence was giving up that control and giving up that financial security that I had and trusting him with all of it.

So as I approach seasons throughout these time periods where things are getting tight, or I'm like, man, I don't know exactly where it's coming from. He comes through every single time just today. Another thing came through for me and he will put people in your right path. He will put people in things. I mean, I was talking to a woman of God today and she talked about how in her season, she had a similar situation where she had walked away from some things and she walked up to her mailbox and there was checks in the mail. I mean, you hear this proverbially and you hear this, you know, in a narrative, in a story, but it happens. God will direct people and circumstances in your life. If you are allowing him to do that. Now again, I haven't been sitting on the couch for the past six months.

I have been working and, and making connections and going to meetings and doing all of these different things that I've been working on. And so you are doing the same thing too. You are taking those actions. You just got to take those actions that he's calling too. If he, if he introduces a new person in a new opportunity, in a new relationship to you ask him, God, what is this relationship for? What do you want me to do with this? You know, if you see a job pop up in your email and you think, should I apply for this, pray about it and do it, but whatever you do, just remember that anxiety and fear and worry are, are tools of the enemy. They are not meant from God. And so when those things start to creep up, just a reminder to yourself that God, you are the provider, you said you would give me and fulfill all of the things that you have for me.

You will fulfill the promises that you have for me. I believe that I received that and I'm just going to keep walking on faith and he will show up. He will show up as long as you trust him and you take the action as you and you do our part, you know, faith without works is dead. So it doesn't come without your works, your actions. So just make sure that you are taking those actions. And I found a prayer actually on let's see, I think it's prayer for anxiety.com. So I wanted to read this prayer to you guys because I think it is just sometimes we just need a tool. Sometimes we need to remember what we can say. So if you're having trouble coming up with that, that word, those word warriors those prayers to be a prayer warrior for yourself, then I want you to think about this prayer.

It's on prayer for anxiety.com, dear heaven, heavenly got I faced situations and decisions. It's complicated. I feel confused and lost. Can you help me? Can you show me the light? Can you reveal to me what it is you want me to do? First of all, Lord, calm my heart. Let me know that my peace depends upon you. Not the circumstances, not the situations, but it depends on you. No matter how things turn out, you are at the center of my life. I'm keeping you at the center of my life. I will stand. I will survive. Made your spirit, keep me balanced. God, show me your will show me and reveal to me what it is you want me to do. Give me that strength and wisdom and discernment to make decisions and act and take those steps in the way that you want. Let my mind and heart be open to what best serves truth and life.

Let me be aligned with truth. Let me defeat those things that come into my mind that are not of you. Let me be reminded of the truth in the word. Give me courage to do what's right. Show me your word. Reveal it to my heart. Show me with what's within me. That is prohibiting me from taking those steps and seeing what it is. You want me to see God, let me and get, get my heart, right? Let me get my heart right. Let me get my mind. Right? Help reveal to me whatever needs to be, shake him. Whatever needs to be changed. Show it to me. God, make my conviction strong. Send me the evidence that you want me to see. Send me those confirmations that you want me to see. Let, when I hear that song that is confirming something I've already felt in my spirit.

Let me look for that. And let me acknowledge that. When I go to you, God, show me your will. And the blessing is guaranteed. It is not easy, God, and it might take some time, God, but I trust and stand on the truth and I trust and stand in. Faith. Love to you. Thank you God, in Jesus name. Amen. So that is the prayer that I wanted to read to you related to anxiety. And I just want to pray for you. Pray that over you today. If you're in a season where you just don't really know what to do, I encourage you to continue to walk, continue to step, continue to pray, continue to ask, ask, and you will receive knock and the door will open. It's there. He just, maybe I'm not ready to reveal it to you, or maybe you are just not taking the step that he's already asked you to take, just do an assessment of it and really ask him to show you and really make sure that you're taking the steps.

And you've already done what he's asked you to do. He can't trust you in the next, if you haven't done what you've asked, he's asked you to do already. Okay? So I encourage you. Take the steps, keep going. You are exactly where you need to be. You are in the season. He wants you in, just know that he is with you. He is guiding you and just be intentional about looking for those confirmations. Be intentional attentional about aligning yourself with the word and the truth and be intentional about doing everything he is calling you to do. Okay. Faith without works is dead. Take those actions and with each action comes more clarity. Okay? Sisters, thank you so much. Have a fantastic weekend. And I hope to see you inside the Facebook group. And again, ladies, if you're looking for someone to help you get unstuck in anything that we ever talk about anywhere on this podcast, that is what I'm here to do.

That is my passion project. You ladies, if you are here and you've listened more than, you know, two to three times, then you are my people. You are my passion project. I want to connect with you. If nothing else, I just want to get to know you. I want to know who you are, man. It's such a weird thing in this podcast. You're talking to your computer or your phone and you're creating these podcasts and you see that people are downloading it, which means that they're listening. But sometimes I don't know my sisters who are listening. I don't know if I'm walking by you on the street or not. So jump over to my website and connect with me. I just want to get to know you. I just want to say hello. And if you're close in Louisville where I am, man, let's get together.

Let's hang out. Let's do a dinner date. Let's do a girls, a girls get together lunch. Let's hang out and live life together. Okay. All right, ladies, I love you guys so much. Thank you for listening. And remember if, if this has helped you and you have a sister that you know, could use this kind of encouragement that this podcast episode would help her with forward it to her, share it with her. Love her enough to give her some encouragement today too. And actually I want to give a shout out to one lady that I know is sharing my podcasts with her friends. Thank you, Vanessa. Carol, you are an absolute joy. You are an absolute lighthouse. I love you so much. Thank you for always sharing the episodes. I see you tagging me. And I just wanted to let you know that I see you. I love you. And I just thank you for the impact that you create in your life. You are such a lighthouse. I don't know if you guys have heard that episode about being a lighthouse, but she is a lighthouse. She is a wonder woman. I appreciate all that. She does. She impacts her circle so strongly. We've been friends for years and years and years. So I just want to thank you for what you do and how you impact your circle. Okay? All right, ladies, love you so much. See you on the next episode.

Hey, before you go, I'd love for you to hop over to my podcast and give me a review. And you know, I'd love five stars. That's how we can share this thing with other women. Just like us. You're five stars and written review really helps me get the word out. You can also take a screenshot of this episode and tag me in your Insta and Facebook stories. And I'll give you a shout out right back, leaving a review and sharing this episode is the best way you can show me some left. Thanks so much. And I'll see you in the next episode. And remember your smile is like a boomerang, throw one at somebody and it'll come right back.

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