EP 43 Am I Too Flawed, Cracked, Weak to Serve My Purpose? Am I Equipped to Do What God Has Called me To Do? What if I Feel Inadequate, What if I am not enough?


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EP 43 Am I Too Flawed, Cracked, Weak to Serve My Purpose? Am I Equipped to Do What God Has Called me To Do? What if I Feel Inadequate, What if I am not enough?

Hey ladies, welcome back to this episode of Wholly Made Life™. Today. I'm going to tell you a little story that I actually heard several years ago in a leadership training. And recently over the past couple of weeks, I've heard it again by a lady named Vonnie Lopez, who is a pastor preacher, and also my pastor, Stephanie Harrison. And I just thought it would be a great story to share with you ladies, because I think it reminds us how God can use us, despite our circumstances, despite our history, despite all that we've walked through that we think disqualifies us from doing his work for his glory in his kingdom. So today I want to talk about a story about a cracked pot. All right. So it is a story about a lady who needed to get water from a well daily. And back in the day, whenever it was that this story occurred, she had to walk through the city up and down Hills and make a Trek every day to get water.

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So she had a contraption that she put on her back. It was a stick that went across her back and on both sides were a bucket or a pot. And the, she walked and as she got water, one bucket would stay full and work really hard to keep all the water inside the bucket and the other bucket or the other pot had a crack or a series of cracks. So despite how hard this little clay pot or this little bucket try, he was not able, or she was, was not able, we'll say to keep the water inside herself. And so as the lady walked from the well back to home, she would lose water all the way home. Yeah. Now I first want to talk about the, well, this is something that was quite a revelation that I got in a Bible study again with my pastor, Stephanie Harrison.

And she talked about the well and how in the Bible we talk about things that happen at the well, well, one thing to know about the well, number one, and this is kind of an aside from the story, but one thing we want to know about a well is that it is a community spot. It's a place where all the village or all the people go to get their water. So you go into a community into a village setting where there's a community well, where everyone is getting water from the well that's important because it shows you that no matter what happens when you are in a community, that there is water present, there's water. There. There's always someone there to help you get what you need from that. Well, whether you have a bucket or not, whether you have a pot or not to dip into that, well, to get the water that you need to sustain you, there's always somebody there that will give you or help you with getting that water.

You come, and you don't have the bucket that you need. You can get being guaranteed that in community, there will be a sister there that will be there to support you and be able to help you draw water from that. Well, so that was a regulatory thing that I just I thought that was so powerful because so many times we try to do this thing by ourselves. So many times we try to solve all the problems. Number one, we don't go to God. First, number two, we don't reach out to our sisters who are there in our community to support us. Now, if you don't have sisters to support you, then hop over to the Facebook group of Holy made life. Because there are a lot of sisters there that can, we can commune together and we can work to support each other. There is no pride in keeping what you need and what your struggles are to yourself.

He did not design us to be alone and be individual. He didn't design us to get help that way. He, yes, we need to go to him first. But he also, if you think about how people were, were going to the well and these communities, I think as pastor Stephanie said, that is a purposeful, meaningful thing that he wants us to go to community, to get what we need from the community. Just as in him. Now, again, he is always number first. That's what the Bible says, correct? Order is, is God, your spouse, then your children, and then everyone else. Okay. So you got to keep things in order. But the point is, is that we have to commune with each other and where, where I am weak, someone else, one of my sisters is strong. And the same thing when you, Oh, this is so powerful.

When you are struggling with something, there's a sister in your community. That's not struggling with that thing right then. So she can be your strength and your your place where you can go to get that encouragement and support to say, listen, SIS, you can do this. The word of God says you are fearfully and wonderfully made and you are strengthened in him. So and when two or three are gathered together, he's in the midst of us. So, you know, there's a reason why all of us don't struggle with something at the same time, because we're here to support each other and help each other. When I'm down my sister's up. When my sister's down, I'm up. And that's how it's designed, it's designed so that we can support each other. Okay? So this lady walking to the well, every day, one pot works really hard to stay full.

The second pot has several series of cracks and no matter how hard this pot tries, water trickles out. So the time by the time she gets home, the pot is almost empty or half full, half empty. However, you want to look at that. Okay. So one day the as the, as the woman is walking, the pots are talking to each other. And the one that is full, both about how she can keep her pot full and she doesn't spill, not a drop. And so she is able to provide for that woman once she gets in her home. Okay? So she, this pot is boasting about this. And this other part that has a series of cracks is saddened and burdened and feels not adequate. And not enough. This cracked pot feels like she's not serving her purpose. And so she feels condemned and guilty and shameful that she can't do quote, unquote, her job that she was designed to do, which is to carry water back to the home.

So she thought, so isn't that like, God, that sometimes he has a plan for us. That's different than what we think our purpose and our plan is keep that pin that right there, because we're going to get back to that. Okay? So as these parts are conversing and the cracked pot is getting more and more frustrated, finally, the crackpot, as they're getting ready to go on their journey to the, well, again, this morning, the crackpot builds up some strength and some courage and decides to speak to its owner, to her owner. And the crackpot says to the owner, just let me go, just put me down. I cannot serve you. How you need me to serve you. I have cracks. I can't carry the water. Like you need me to, I can't serve you in your home. Like you need me to, I am not worthy.

Don't carry me anymore. I am a burden to you. All it is is just a burden. And so the owner says, Hey, little pot, as we walk to. And from the, well, I want you to pay attention to the surrounding rather than working so hard to keep all the water inside of you. Once I get this water, I want you to look out and look forward and look around and pay to your surroundings. And I want you to tell me what you see. So as they're walking back after the owner has filled up both pots, the full pot is snickering and laughing that she is keeping her pot full and not a drop is falling out. She's working really hard to stay full. The other part though follows her owners directives, and she starts to look out and look around. And as she starts to look at the path on her side of where her owner carries her, she sees a whole array of colors.

There's a whole array of colors and it is beautiful and it is vast. And it's so life-giving. And so she said yes to the owner owner, why is my side full of color? And my sister side is, is empty and barren. And the owner says, I knew you had it cracks all along. I purposed you because I knew the cracks that you had would pour out water onto the side onto the ground. And so, in preparation for you, I put seeds in the ground, knowing that you would sustain life. As I walked with you, as the water fell through the cracks. So you all along have been purposed and use to create a harvest, to feed the ground with your water. Your water has fed the ground so that these flowers could grow. So you have shared your worth with the world. It's one thing, ladies, to be who it is your call to be in your home.

And that's 100% important. It's an additional thing to not only be who it is, you're call to be in purpose for in your home, but also to spread that beyond the walls of your home, to spread that purpose out into the world so that others are impacted by your purpose. In the other thing, is that those cracks would you thought made you not adequate and not worthy are the very thing that makes you purposed makes you exactly who God's called you to be at this very moment. Those cracks history, that thing that happened to you, all of that is on purpose. As far as being used. It's, you know, God doesn't want bad things to happen to us, but he doesn't waste things that have happened to us. He wishes that we don't have the cracks. Yes, of course we do. And he does too.

However, what he's not to do is waste those cracks. He's going to learn, he's going not learn. We're going to learn how it is that he has designed us to be and how he wants us to use the stuff that's happened to us. Use the cracks that we have to water the people around us with his life, with his glory. So I was just very impacted by that. Again, I just felt it and received it differently than I did years ago when I first heard this in a leadership training. And I just think it's so relevant. There are so many things going on right now. And there are so many reasons why we tell ourselves that we're not good enough. We're not adequate. We have too many flaws. We have too many cracks. You know, we can't do what we think that we should be doing when all along those very cracks.

Those very flaws are exactly what purposes us to make the impact that God has designed us to make. So today, God, I just want to thank you for each lady. That's listening to us today. Each of us have cracks and flaws and God, we thank you today for purposing us to use our flaws, to use our story, to do it anyway, do the things that are hard, do the things that are scary because you've called us to walk and step in authority. Despite our cracks, despite our history, despite our upgrading upbringing, despite who our mama was, despite who our daddy was do, despite all the things that we think disqualifies us, those are the very things, God that you have said, that's what qualifies you. Let me tell you, I am thankful that God has called us and equipped us with what we need for right now in this very moment.

And each of you are equipped. You have exactly what you need right now inside of you. God, I thank you for opening up our hearts. I thank you for opening up our eyes to see ourselves as you see us. And I ask that you, that you reveal the purpose that you have for each one of us so that we can walk in the authority that you have already given us. God, I ask you to reveal it to us now so that we know what it is you're calling us to do. I ask you to open up our hearts, open up our spirit so that we can receive what it is that you've called us to do. Thank you God, for the cracks. Thank you for the flaws. God, thank you. Because in our inadequacy, in our, not enough in our weakness, you said you make us strong.

You make us strong in our weakness, in our cracks and our flaws. You fill in those gaps. And we thank you for that in the name of Jesus. Amen. All right, ladies, that is today's episode. Thank you for listening in and as always guys, if you need any assistance, if you need any help, if you want to reach out I'm available. Angietoninirogers@gmail.com, by the way, I just launched my website. Finally, it's been under construction for so long and it's finally up. So you can find all of my coaching menus and information. You can find your new podcast episodes. You can find my favorite things and any other resources that I've ever talked about on the podcast, on my website. And that is https://www.angietoninirogers.com So hop on over there and you know, leave me a message so that I know what it is that you, you are looking for. I would love to hear from you so that I know, Hey, what are the things that you want me to talk to you about? What are the things that you want to commune about? Because sisters, that's what we're here for to support each other and help each other. Walk this thing out. All right. Okay, ladies. See, on the next episode…

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